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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 21, 2014 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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it comes to discussing big mysterious problems. healthy skepticism will fix what's wrong, one solution at a time. i said it. for matt welsh and kmele foster and all the skeptics in every debate on the planet. good night. >> celebrating in the streets of moscow over red square marking the annexation of crimea into the russian federation president vladimir putin and assigning the ukrainian annexation into offical russia lot. the victory celebration over obama and the european allies come one day after a second round of sanctions by the united states the president's executive order mets with jeers from the
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president and his cronies and there are reports the ukrainian crisis may not end with crimea. fox news has confirmed the mayor of the province has been threatened with a secession referendum vote from ethnic russians whose support their ousted president and with the troops along the ukrainian border are training exercises secretary hegel called the russian counterpart after troop movement on the eastern border up to 20,000 russian of troops with heavy artillery and tanks. press secretary party showed up to the daily press briefing with the national security advisor susan rice who went on television after the benghazi television attack to deceive the american public and talked
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about the veracity of the explanation of the troops. >> we have been taking notes of developments along the ukraine border and indeed that was part of the substance of secretary hegel's conversation yesterday with his counterpart. >> they have stated they are intending military exercises given their past practice and the gap between what they have said and what they have done we are watching with skepticism. lou: we will take this up with others including john boehner plenty. the mystery that has the nation mesmerized of the two weeks after the disappearance of the malaysian airlines disappearance the authorities are no closer to finding the jetliner or
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people aboard. the search resumed moments ago over the indian ocean without the u.s. navy aircraft that is undergoing routine begins ian will rejoin the efforts on sunday the pentagon says it has cost 2.5 million dollars so for. so far. the budgeted 4 million. now we have been experienced military pilot and former adviser to the ministry of defense. good to have you. two weeks. we thought we had to agree that was credible evidence but apparently nothing has come to pass. what about the mission with the disappearance and to understand where it might be
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? >> at the end of week to after extensive maritime search operations off the southwestern tip of australia over the last three days the also still concentrating the south china sea and are none the wiser as to where flight 37 o is. lou: anyone who has flown over that part of the world the idea there should be an expectation you could locate something so small as an aircraft still seems even with all technology to be absurd but that seems to be the expectation. >> absurd is not the word i would use a specially the area around australia 125,000 square miles and has been told to over the last
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three days than they are none the wiser then looking at the epicenter with the last known transponder trace that area with those square miles it is absolutely huge. for me there is some inconsistencies with the search and also areas we need to delve into further. lou: you were quibbling with my word of search within you seemed to support its. what word would you use of those square miles? connect i thought you meant it is absurd we have not found it. what we need to look at war is the inconsistency of the
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radar traces from thailand or malaysia or indonesia it is a big part of the equation but to understand the way radar works working at 200 miles off the coast if it is parng on the transoceanic flight it will not be spotted on radar or secondary radar. so they have what is called the synthetic air pitch that the jet skidded a slightly different definition. s.c. aircraft approaches at 200 whales the transponder is picked up again so i want to know actually where was the transponder lost? if it was off the coast of malaysia that is the higher the likelihood it was turned
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off outside of to madrid while sick and also just drop off radar. lo also the basic radar on the coast to paid to the aircraft. just about everyone that i talk with says it is unlikely we will see that occur anywhere in that region it is unlikely there arabian operator so attuned that time that they would be looking for a picture on the screen. >> that is a good point. take the area off of the tip of austria. i would want to find some of the wreckage but i would draw a line from that area back to the last known
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transponder point in that line the jet would have to follow with a previous analysis they wed fly closer to the top of singapore. also one of the biggest ground defense systems so there must be an indication we are not looking at the right area. lou: do we have a file of the radar pictures from all of those areas for this flight at those hours? >> it is of great question. i don't know how they storer or record with subsequent investigation to say give me the file between one and
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5:00 a.m. but the point is made what is the emergency procedures with vietnam and malaysia taken the as soon as it disappeared. talking to sources is there is a distress signal that has communications they would get in touch with the aircraft. even the cellphone in the cockpit, high-frequency radio even other aircraft in the area. lou: apparently they did not adding another question to a series of questions. >> if they did we do not know we need to apply more resources. lou: great to have you here. president obama summoning six technolotechnolo gy ceos to the white house to talk about internet privacy.
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the invitation was initially very secretive about the loan would be attending the elevator divulged the list of merck's zuckerberg zuckerberg, facebook, google 's, netflix, chief executives of truck box. the meeting prompted by the phone call last week to the president expressing frustration over what he called than damage has caused the tech industry. on will streep the stocks wiped out gains finishing lower. the dow down 28 the dow index and he managed a gain of 1.5% the nasdaq has a weekly gain of just under 1% critical is up $0.56. goldas of $5. the yield on the ten year falls at 2.7%.
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we will be right back. there is absolutely nothing you should mess. >> president obama did disengaged as obamacare was passed by the u.s. congress and his foreign policy seemingly is to disengage. dr. keith tableaux on what it made me. at delta we're investing billions of dollars, improving everything from booking to baggage claim. we're raising the bar on flying and tomorrow we'll raise it yet again.
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>> the website provided information to count assumers ten days before the enrollment deadline. my next guess says this administration is in denial over the long short-comes.
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and i'm imagined by psychiatrist, member of the fox news medical a-team keith ablow. denial is one of the few scroll terms i understand, but this entire administration, it seems, much of the media in the entire democratic party, if not to say the entire population of this country is in denial as well. >> in denial, magical thinking, a psychiatrist might say. i say so and so it is. but the facts contradict the theory again and again and again with this administration and the public seems not to care. so you have folks like entertainers coming out saying thank you for this wonderful program. obamacare, enen degeneris said that. it's not a wonderful program. it's failing, but that doesn't matter because after all, this administration started just with
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the wish that someone could insullate us from the aggression of others, someone not like us who doesn't value american values like americans do. that would be barack obama who we eletted because we were scared. after 911, we didn't want a liberty given american president. we wanted somebody in the middle. >> someone in the middle, i think we thought in 2008 that that was someone, despite all warnings to the contrary that we might be getting many people focusing on his 2004 speech, the democratic national convention, talk about no red states or blue states, oath the unite only thes and this president turned out to be extraordinarily divisive and as we look at what's happening in this con frontation with vladimir putin, we're told and warned as was, of course, the
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russian government of grave consequences for their wanton invasion of a sovereign nation and what we get a sanctions against 11 individuals, be seven of them russian. this is beyond explanation. >> how can a leader like vladimir putin, who may be many things, many of them not very nice, but he's not acting, how can he take seriously someone who says there will be grave consequences who is only acting as presidents of the united states. there's no red states and blue states to this president. there are no united states. because he doesn't very much like our national character. and he apologizes for us on the world stage. these things come home to roose, real people hear his words genuinely and take them seriously that he doesn't value our liberty, that he is willing
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to apologize for the great things we've done in the world and when people hear that they say, wow, will he go to war for his people? probably not. there's an open door there. i'll walk through that door. that's the trouble, a leadership vacuum is real, our president is faking. >> as i reported earlier, the president is now, his approval ratings and disapproval ratings have been under water for several months now and generally, generally, vladimir putin energiesingly seems to be the most rational actor among the european and u.s. leaders among whom he have in confrontation. what do you make of this? >> i make of it this, that when people, even if you have ideas that are wrong-minded, if they're your ideas and you stand be behind them, you cut a strong figure on the world stage, like
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vladimir putin, about many issue with whom i would disagree but if you have somebody who doesn't stand for very much other than denying the manifest destiny of america, that is barack obama, the detail of the ma manifest destiny. >> interestingly, as we wrap this up and i wish we had more time, dr. ablo, but putin has made much of the dangers of the exception of exceptionalism, turning, if you will, our values against us in the public dialogue for the world consumption. >> yeah. well, guess what? we do have manifest destiny. we have to be willing to grab that brass ring and hold it. i wrote a log today about were what we can learn from israel. it's not so bad they consider
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themselves a chosen people. we are too, to further liberty in this country and beyond our borders. >> dr. keith ablow, great to have you with us. >> thank you. >> has has police urging lawmakers to keep a special exemption in hawaii state law that allows their undercover cops to have sex with prostitutes, some lawmakers want it removed. police say they require that exception, if you will, because it allows them to catch criminals, if you will, in the act. we're coming right back.
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parts of the ukrainian border. joining us now ambassador john negroponte serving under president george w. bush and five time ambassador for the united states. great to have you with us. let's begin with what seems to be silly sanctions handed back and forth between his administration and what a rare putin after this administration promised grave consequences for the invasion. is there any risk for this type of contact with nuclear arsenals? >> first of all, is fortuitous the president will be going to europe next week to meet with the european leaders with the nato secretary general and i think the spotlight on the
10:25 pm
situation in the ukraine is urgent united states and allied -- european allies work together to confront this situation. the sanctions imposed in my view were just a first step. a shot across the about to suggest if mr. putin goes further he will face more serious consequences. certainly it is disturbing if true the troops are on the border with the ukraine and we should be doing everything within our power to show support military, political, economic to the ukraine to shore up their capabilities and defense is to provide training and equipment. lou: is there a lack of
10:26 pm
realism coming a real capability on the part of the united states military administration to use force in that region against russian forces? if not what do we play at? >> we're not talking about the united states using its own forces against the russian forces it is not of a nato ally but we could help them build up their capabilities. look at this as a long-term play. some of these measures may not show results immediately but there are things that can be done to increase the cost. for example, finding alternative sources of energy for western europe the russians have relied on their exports and with the shale gas revolution, things
10:27 pm
could be done to reduce reliance on russia to cost them greatly in economic terms. there is a whole series of things to we looked at to strengthen and bolster the defenses against possible future moves against russia. lou: obviously dependent right now in europe as 12 e.u. nations consume 80 percent of their energy by russia but that dependency is greater for those countries that are so reliant upon russian energy. this does miocene to be marching in a rational manner or alogical resolution that is deeply troubling to most people. >> there is a dilemma for the europeans. one of the reasons they have been reluctant to impose
10:28 pm
sanctions because that could boomerang because there is a much greater interdependency between europe and russia they and the united states and russia in economic terms. nonetheless i am sure in the end the united states and europe will come together talking about something that is critical to the security of western europe. if the russians make a move in the ukraine what will be next? the baltic countries that are members of nato then we really have a situation on our hands. lou: with this receptacle sanctions also the policy with the russians as we conduct military exercises in eastern europe, russia
10:29 pm
and has expanded its influence and has began to send a the navy ships and also zero additional indices with 33 cultural centers in latin america. this is starting to be noticeable and worries some. >> yet in the ukraine itself the government that resulted from the events of the last month to be more pro-western than the government that existed before when the president was overthrown. at least in the ukraine and russia suffered a political defeat. today the european union signed an association agreement. the ledger is complicated and to make a tally carefully but i don't see russians as a long-term gain in this situation not to mention in their economy or
10:30 pm
their stock markets has taken a pretty big hit. sometimes we do well not just to think of the things we could have done better public up the costs they incur at this very moment. lou: with that equation you are quite right with the results of the us russian stock market has recovered the ruble husses recovered still the unemployment rate tire and commeurate economic growth rate. is a complicated equation. >> one other point is the rest of the world is watching. north asia, china, japan, what happens in the ukraine could happen with other situations around the world.
10:31 pm
new reports every and is building a fake u.s. aircraft carrier two-thirds the length of the actual aircraft carrier suspecting it is for propaganda a purposes thinking that they may blow up if the nuclear talks fail. we will see how that would be effective propaganda. we will be right back. >> the president's poll numbers are under water. we take that up. it's a growing trend in business: do more with less with ss energy.hp is help. soon, the world's most intelligent servers, designed by hp, will give ups over twice the performance, using forty percent less energy.
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. lou: first lady michelle obama engaging in ping-pong diplomacy on the first day of weeklong visit to china. the first lady playing a game of table tennis and doing
10:35 pm
pretty well! she took aicaligrapher lesson. the trip more of a vacation from the american press, she's not getting introduce or allowing reporters to travel with her. it's also her tenth vacation without president obama. vice president biden likely wishing reporters weren't around today to capture his latest! >> my admiration for you is -- is equally as deeply held by president -- stop moving that -- you know, what's this thing called? you know, teleprompter, barack says joe biden, i'm learning to speak without a teleprompter, joe is learning to speak with one. lou: joining us now political director for former president
10:36 pm
bush, matt schlapp. fox news political analyst ed rollins, fox news contributor judith miller. judy, first, what do you make of the president of the united states now in a tit-for-tat sanctions. i asked this of john negroponte, the former national director of intelligence. what do you think of the fact that these two world leaders, the most powerful two men on the planet, are behaving like this? >> i'm very glad that the president bothered to sanction the russia bank, which i'd like to think of as putin's piggy bank, for him, all of his cronies. this is how it starts. a tit-for-tat sanctions. of course, we're in a position to hurt russia much more than vice versa. lou: my goodness, judy! the president, secretary kerry warned of grave consequences if you so much as harm a hair on the head of crimea, and they invaded it, for crying out
10:37 pm
loud, and there will be no result they think could be called grave, do you? >> lou, i don't think, first of all, that we know how far the americans are -- and european allies are prepared to go with sanctions. secondly we don't know what the russians are going to do. i think this is going to hurt. finally, no one wants to use military force for two million people in crimea. lou: i'm not the one who said grave consequences. i'm not the one talking like a bellicose bully. it was the president of the united states, matt. >> that's right. lou: and this is the result? >> he needs to stop making threats. he really has no intention of backing up, and i think that's the biggest problem he has with the foreign policy as the world looks increasingly uneasy. it looks like vladimir putin does not fear him does, what he wants and knows that the consequences won't be major. and i think this is dangerous because, you know, he's hitting on a lot of petrochemical
10:38 pm
power, and you know, a russian bear on the prowl is not a good thing for the world. lou: ed, your thoughts? >> this is a tough guy, he has gained immeasurably by this activity back home. approval numbers have gone up. lou: 76%. assuming they're counting correctly in russia. >> at the end of the day, as a leader, you have to be a leader of your own people, and he's showing great strength. i think the president, i hope there's a plan somewhere, i don't want to argue with you on the sanctions. to the ordinary person it doesn't look like much, it looks like they're playing a game. between picking brackets in the ncaa and this, it doesn't look like they are serious about a very serious matter in the world. >> the question becomes here, judy, what is president obama serious about? he was not engaged in the passage of obamacare, as if he could foretell what it would become. he let pelosi and reid lead on
10:39 pm
that. not serious about foreign policy, speaking rather offhandedly when he tells hosni mubarak, bashar to leave syria, when he speaks -- i mean, it's getting -- it's getting concerning, i think at this point, that he didn't have a success in foreign policy, he doesn't have a success in domestic policy? >> well, lou, you know i've been very critical of him, but i have to say here, he's about to have a success, and one thing he cares about. lou: which would that be? >> i think one reason why we're not seeing a stronger, tougher reaction onussia immediately is that the russians are still working with this on taking all of the chemical weapons out of syria, and still working with us on afghanistan, and he doesn't want to wreck that kind of partnership. >> one thing i worry about. he's got a trip to japan and a trip to sou korea. asians are very much about
10:40 pm
face, and he's not going to china, he's going get on philippines instead. i think that's absurd. sending his wife is fine, but he needs to thereby too. lou: to follow up on judy's point, the reality is that 40% of the chemical weapons have been destroyed, an estimate, in that range. that's 40% more than last year. so that has to count as progress certainly if not a significant foreign policy victory. we'll worry about the construction when we get to 100% or something close there to. what do you think about what are his successes and is it unfair to suggest that his legacy right now could be basically abject failure? >> i look at it in a strange way where the peo had the biggest, you know, public face on the obama diplomacy was first hillary clinton and now john kerry. his secretaries of state really seem to carry the message, and
10:41 pm
the white house and the president really seems to be several steps behind. i think that's very strange, and i don't think he's interested in talk to the american people on a wide range of these issues to get them behind coherent policies. because he either doesn't have coherent policies or aloof on this whole process of diplomacy and policy. lou: ed, the last word. >> his legacy is not foreign policy, it's obamacare and the destruction of the health care system in america 10 years from now. >> amen. >> still blaming him for bad health care. lou: is that a yes or no, judy? [ laughter ]. >> i'm going to wait and see. lou: and with that -- >> i don't have to wait and see. what ed said is right. lou: we have to say thank you all for your succinct answers to my relatively long questions. thanks so much matt, ed, judy. lou: up next in the smuggling capital of america, 60% of
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. lou: joining us now, ben mandel, economist for citiresearch, ben, great to have you here. >> great to be here. lou: the market was a little screw ball today. a lot of volatility. ebbs and flows as the old saying goes, of course they fluctuate. this is an interesting day. what do you make of it? >> we had a lot of volatility. record high for the s&p before retreating. the question is what's buffetting the market? and my view, i think the main motif for this week is the debate in markets of whether good news is good news or
10:46 pm
whether good news is, in fact, bad news. we've got janet yellen dropped a hint we may see the fed funds rate rising mid 2015 which is what markets are expecting. that's ambiguously good news that the economic outlook is sufficiently positive, that it would justify bringing, moving forward the hiking date. i guess equity markets have two minds on the matter. good news in the sense of the growth, bad news in the sense it's withdrawing monetary stimulus. lou: markets always tend to need time to mature around an idea or direction, and the idea is being strong enough to sustain an equities market without the benefit of a trillion dollars of support. it taking time to adjust here. >> good news is good news, what that points to is the tug-of-war creates volatility in the market. lou: astonishing, the icrane has been dismissed. vladimir putin dismissed.
10:47 pm
all but dismissed by the markets. does that surprise you? >> insofar as the sanctions themselves not so much. the sanctions themselves are on a small group of -- >> small banks. >> and of individuals, and there's nothing in and of themselves that suggests a very strong market reaction, but they do suggest that there's a risk of escalation so the sanctions were slightly stronger than expected, which i guess introduced the possibility that could be retaliatory action. lou: you looking to growth in this economy, significant growth, 3% or better? or looking toward interest rates staying somewhat stable, i'll put it that way, and the market continuing to appreciate? >> i think that's, you know, a fair assessment, i think the economy is on a solid footing. i think there are reasons why we might expect a surprise in the sense that the fed funds rate and interest rates might rise a little sooner than
10:48 pm
expected. it's not difficult to imagine a scenario where you have upside surprise in u.s. growth and that accelerates the trajectory of the path of raising rates. so that's one possibility. another possibility is that there's not as much slack in the labor market as is widely believed. there's a debate what is the appropriate unemployment rate. lou: i would say that rate should be much lower than what it is, because i don't believe this rate right now. do you? >> well, you know, i went searching in the data for sources of slack, and as it turns out. what you want to know is how much cyclicality is there, surprisingly very up.
10:49 pm
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. lou: time now for your comments, stu wrote into say -- . lou: i agree with you stu, 100%. tom in georgia wrote in on our facebook page to say -- keep those comments coming, e-mail us at lou@lou links to everything at lou, and everyone gets a free copy of my new book "upheaval," for those comments we read each night.
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president obama ordered another round of sanctions in confrontation with vladimir putin. so let me assess the likely impact of those sanctions. the u.s. freeze of assets and travel blocks against 11 russians, or very unhelpful ukrainians among them and the european union and asset freezes against 25 russian officials, bankers and a few oligarchs amounts to very little. the western sanctions to this point are in my opinion more nuisance than anything else, rather than serious deprivation of capital or resources to the russians. but the silly game of tit for tat sanctions by two world leaders with nuclear arsenals at their disposal, nonetheless could rise to a very serious level much sooner than either mr. obama or mr. putin might expect. so far mr. putin demonstrated greater adroitness in
10:54 pm
confrontation. putin is the victor in the ukrainian crisis to this point. president obama is slipping in the polls at home and there is considerable media and republican criticism of the president's performance. from his flat-footed reaction at the beginning to this very moment. mr. putin's people approve of his crimea taking do, they ever. they are cheering from afar. and his approval rating in russia is nearly 76%, his highest in five years. but then again, i'm not certain we shouldn't worry for the well-being of the 24% who didn't approve of putin in that poll. his is quite a different country still. president obama on the other hand has an approval rating of, well, of more than 30 points less than that, only 43% approval. disapproval rating, 52%. mr. obama is under water in the polls, and what is not noted
10:55 pm
often is he's been consistently underwater in the polls for the past seven months, and numbers aren't likely to improve, and mr. obama doesn't change course and direction. we all want our president to succeed. but it's now important for president obama and his top advisers to demonstrate that they want to succeed, to change their strategy, to change their tone and their approach. next week is mr. obama's opportunity, monday. he's at the hague for the nuclear security summit. russian foreign minister sergey lavrov will also be there, so mr. president, you once said you'd talk with anyone, even iran. no matter what the protocol. so talk with the russians and, please, mr. president, no more damn empty threats that made you look like the bully even as putin's forces invaded a sovereign nation. lead the u.s.-european summit.
10:56 pm
you've tried from behind now try listening to allies and working cooperatively, and understand, please, that a true leader persuades and energizes others, and a true leader knows when to lead, when to follow, and when to get the hell out of the way. you will judge, i promise you, the moment far better and fare far better if you listen and then leave, and please spare our allies, your tendency for condesension for hectoring, and after all, this crisis is about european sovereignty and nato power and an uncertain future. let them participate in the conversation, mr. president. so i will ask, please, add a little modesty, some humility to whatever tone you take to the hague, to brussels and rome next week. you and we, will then be fab more likely to be as you like
10:57 pm
to say, on the right side of history. that's it for us tonight, thanks for being with us. have a great weekend. good night from new york.
10:58 pm
gundyes!n group is a go. not just a start up. an upstart. gotta get going. gotta be good. good? good. growth is the goal. how do we do that? i talked to ups. they'll help us out. new technology. smart advice. we focus on the business and they take care of the logistics.
10:59 pm
ups? good going. s great. great. great. great. great. great. great. great. great. (all) great! i love logistics.
11:00 pm
>> republicans, man up, face up and do something because what you are trying to run up the clock on a midterm election you think you have already won democrats are seizing the moment and doubling down. welcome, i am neil cavuto and here is my message, get off your grand ole ass' because you're going to get what bad. democrats know what you are doing. they know you don't want to get blamed for another government shutdown so you are caving on all these budget deals and they know you signed on to get another increase of the debt ceiling because you want to


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